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Super Dragon Spotlight

The Super Dragon Spotlight Event Is Here!

Summer isn’t here yet, but things are about to get hot with the new Super Dragon Spotlight event!

The Super Dragon Spotlight is this month’s seasonal event – for players that are Town Hall 8 and up – with in-game activities to unlock special rewards, and earn Super Medals, to acquire the Epic Hero Equipment, Fireball!

Event Dates:

Super Dragon Spotlight Event starts:

  • Date: Monday, March 11th, 2024
  • Time: 8am UTC/10am Helsinki time

Super Dragon Spotlight Event Ends

  • Date: Thursday, March 21st, 2024
  • Time: 8am UTC/10am Helsinki time

However, like previous seasonal events, you’ll be able to continue accessing the Trader’s Event tab and the Super Ice Bath until it closes up shop on Saturday, March 23rd at 8am UTC/10am Helsinki time.

Super Dragon Spotlight Resource: Ice Cubes

Since Super Dragons will be delivering heat throughout the event you’ll need to collect Ice Cubes to cool things down! By raiding other players in Multiplayer Battles you’ll earn Ice Cubes. The Ice Cubes collected are based on how many Stars you earn. By using Super Dragons in your attacks you’ll earn bonus Ice Cubes at the end of each attack! Additionally, you’ll be able to regularly collect this resource from your Super Ice Bath, the event building. The more Ice Cubes you collect, the more rewards you’ll unlock, such as Ores, Decorations, and more! 

What’s better than regular Medals? Super Medals! 

Collecting Ice Cubes will allow you to unlock special Super Dragon Spotlight rewards, including Super Medals – this event’s currency that you can spend at the Trader’s Shop. Use your Super Medals to purchase a unique seasonal Decoration. resources such as Ores for your Hero Equipment, Magic Items, and more. The top-tier item we know you’ll all be grinding for is Fireball, the new Epic Hero Equipment! 

Epic Hero Equipment: Fireball

Grand Warden has had enough and is ready to cause some damage, literally. When equipped, the Grand Warden will shoot a gigantic Fireball at the nearest defense doing high damage in a big area around it.

Ability: Active

  • Area Damage
LevelHero DPS IncreaseDamageDamageArea: Tiles Shiny OreGlowy OreStarry OreBlacksmith Level

Super Dragon Spotlight Event Pass

The Super Dragon Spotlight Event Pass is your way to maximize the amount of rewards you can unlock and collect during this seasonal event. Like the Gold Pass, the Event Pass is a paid feature that is specific to this Event and has a free and a premium reward track. Once you’ve purchased the Event Pass, as you collect Ice Cubes you’ll unlock the rewards that are both in the free and premium tracks.

Even if you do not purchase the Event Pass you’ll still earn the rewards from the free reward track!

Ice Cube TierFree RewardsEvent Pass Rewards
80Super Dragon30 Glowy Ore
250300 Super Medals500 Super Medals
500500 Shiny Ore30 Glowy Ore
80030% Training Boost1050 Super Medals
1250350 Super Medals40 Glowy Ore
170010 Glowy Ore500 Super Medals
2150750 Shiny Ore40 Glowy Ore
260025 Glowy Ore1050 Super Medals
3050550 Super Medals60 Glowy Ore
355030 Glowy Ore700 Super Medals
40501000 Shiny Ore60 Glowy Ore
455050 Glowy Ore15 Starry Ore
5050600 Super Medals80 Glowy Ore
555035 Glowy OreStone Globe
60501250 Shiny Ore80 Glowy Ore
680060 Glowy Ore20 Starry Ore
7550650 Super Medals90 Glowy Ore
835040 Glowy Ore1200 Super Medals
9150700 Super Medals90 Glowy Ore
10000Goblin Explorer45 Starry Ore

Bonus Reward Track

Once you’ve completed the Super Dragon Spotlight reward track, there’ll be an additional bonus track where you can earn additional rewards. This bonus reward track unlocks only once you’ve completed the entire free reward track.

Additional Ice Cubes CollectedBonus Reward
1000130 Super Medals
2000130 Super Medals
4000130 Super Medals
6000130 Super Medals
8000130 Super Medals
11000130 Super Medals
14000130 Super Medals
17000130 Super Medals
20000130 Super Medals

Trader Rewards

The trader has also joined the heated fun and is offering his limited edition wares in exchange for your Super Medals. You can acquire a variety of goods from Magic Items, unique Decoration, Ores, and the Epic Fireball

ItemSuper Medals
Fireball Epic Hero Equipment3100
Starry Ore x10320
Glowy Ore x60280
Shiny Ore x350325
Clashy Crater1025
Rune of Builder Elixir3100
Rune of Builder Gold3100
Rune of Elixir3100
Rune of Gold3100
Book of Spells1900
Book of Building1900
Book of Fighting1900
Book of Heroes1030
Super Potion310
Shovel of Obstacles1030
Builder Potion590
Wall Ring x5515
Power Potion310
Research Potion250
Pet Potion250
Builder Star Jar200
Resource Potion240
Clock Tower Potion150
Training Potion50
Elixir x90K15
Gold x90K115

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