Rubble Rumble – Community Event! – Clash Of Clans.


That’s right! We want you to destroy as many Town Halls as possible in the new Community Global Challenge – Rubble Rumble!

Upgrading and destroying Town Halls is the bread and butter of Clash of Clans, and we want you all to band together to show us just how good at it you all are.

If you manage to beat the goals we have set for this event you’ll be able to enable some sweet bonus! 

Event details:

  • Start date: 21st of March 2024, 03:00 PM HEL time
  • End date: 28th of March 2024, 03:00 PM HEL time

Milestones & Rewards:

  • #1 – Destroy 100M TH
  • #2 – Destroy 220M TH
  • #3 – Destroy 450M TH

You’ll be able to keep track of the event progress by checking the in-game inbox 👇 

Depending on how many milestones we achieve a special bonus will be enabled at the end of the event!

  • 1 Goal Achieved: Star Bonus x2
  • 2 Goals Achieved: Star Bonus x3
  • 3 Goals Achieved: Star Bonus x4

*The bonus will be enabled on March 29th at 08:00 AM HEL (UTC+2) and will last for 04 days, ending on April 1st at 08:00 AM HEL (UTC+2)

If we reach the final milestone, we will also give everyone 500 Shiny and 100 Glowy Ore! 

We’ll share reminders on our Social Channels and even have some freebies available because we know how much you all love free stuff! 

Let’s go destroy some Town Halls!

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