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February 2024 Update – Patch Notes

February Update – Full Patch Notes

The first major update of 2024 for Clash of Clans is here! We’re introducing a brand new Spell, new levels, balance changes, QoL improvements, and much more in this update. Dive in below for the full details of what’s in this update!

New Spell: Overgrowth Spell

With the thawing of winter comes the sudden verdant bloom of spring, and Overgrowth Spell is here to usher in warmer weather…and your Troops into the enemy’s base.

Unlocked at Town Hall level 12 when you upgrade your Dark Spell Factory to level 6, this Dark Elixir Spell opens up whole new paths of strategies (literally)! When used, Overgrowth Spell renders enemy Defenses invisible, invulnerable, and frozen for the duration of its effect. This means attacking Troops will completely ignore Buildings and Defenses affected by Overgrowth Spell, allowing new ways for you to funnel and path your Troops!

However, Overgrowth Spell will not affect Heroes or Troops in the Clan Castle, nor does it prevent Clan Castle Troops from emerging! One additional detail is that Overgrowth Spell leaves tiny bits of debris that can be cleared by defending players when you tap them, like tombstones left behind by destroyed units. 

  • Effect type: Area Splash
  • Targets: Ground & Air
  • House space: 2
  • Brewing time: 6m
LevelUpgrade CostUpgrade TimeSpell DurationTH Level
2125,000 DE10d24s12
3250,000 DE12d26s14
4350,000 DE16d28s16

New Levels

Although we’re introducing new Defense and Troop levels for Town Hall level 16 players, they aren’t the only TH level to get new upgrades.

BuildingLevelUpgrade CostUpgrade TimeHPDPSProduction RateCapacityTH Level
Elixir Collector162M Gold4d1350NA7000/hr385K14
Gold Mine162M Elixir4d1350NA7000/hr385K14
Dark Elixir Drill106M Elixir8d1550NA180/hr420014
BuildingLevelUpgrade CostUpgrade TimeHPDPSTH Level
Dark Spell Factory65M Elixir8d950NA12
Hidden Tesla1520M Gold14d155017016
Inferno Tower1022M Gold14d 12h4400120/260016
Scattershot522.5M Gold15d541019016
Seeking Air Mine614M Gold12d 12hNA300016

New Troop Levels

TroopLevelUpgrade CostUpgrade TimeHPDPSTH LevelLab Level
Minion12320K DE14d120781614
Hog Rider13350K DE14d 12h13802131614
Bowler8350K DE15d6001261614
Baby Dragon1020M Elixir15d21001651614
Siege Barracks518M Elixir12d4800+ 1 PEKKA1614
Log Launcher518M Elixir12d55002201614

New Electro Owl Levels

Everyone’s favorite lightning-hurling hooter is getting several new levels.

LevelUpgrade CostUpgrade TimeHPDPSTH LevelPet House Level
11230K DE8d2600150169
12250K DE8d2700155169
13265K DE8d2800160169
14285K DE8d2900165169
15300K DE8d3000170169

Town Hall 16 players can now also upgrade an additional 100 Wall segments to level 17 (a total of 250 Wall segments).

The Blacksmith will now be upgraded with Elixir instead of Gold.

New Hero Equipment: Haste vial & Hog Rider Puppet

We’re also adding two new pieces of Hero Equipment for Royal Champion. She was feeling left out seeing all the other Heroes packing some sweet Hero Equipment.

Hog Rider Doll

  • Unlocked at Blacksmith Level 7
  • Summons a team of Hog Riders to fight alongside you

Haste Vial

  • Unlocked at Blacksmith Level 8
  • Increased movement and attack speed for a few seconds

Clan Chat Improvements

Admittedly our Clan Chat was a *bit* outdated, so we gave it a visual and functionality upgrade. You’ll now have a more enjoyable overall look and experience! 

Pinned Messages

  • Chat and system messages can now be pinned to the top of the Chat view.
  • There is also a new tab dedicated to pinned messages.
  • Only the Leader and Co-Leaders can pin a message.
  • Messages can be unpinned.


  • Players can now add emoji reactions to another player’s message in Clan Chat!
  • You will be able to pick an emoji from the preset selection available.
  • Reactions and the amounts can be seen under each message.

QoL Improvements/Game Changes

  • Progress Bars have been added back to the info screen.
    • The bars display progress towards the highest level achievable for that Town Hall level.
    • Celebrations from Reddit were heard around the globe.
    • World peace has been achieved. 
  • Upgrade buttons have been clarified to use a specific Resource or Magic Item in order to reduce accidental usage of unintended Resources/Items.
    • Tapping the button for a specific Resource or Magic Item will allow you to spend only that specific Resource or Item when upgrading.
    • Rabid fanfare from Reddit measured 7.2 on the Richter scale. 
  • Attacking troops can now walk through Decorations & Obstacles when in combat (except in Clan Capitals). 
  • Decorations don’t prevent deploying troops on them anymore.
  • Players can play in a Friendly War and in a normal Clan War at the same time (in two different Clans)
  • If a Clan War ends in a “perfect – perfect draw”, neither clan loses their Win Streak
  • Bypass cooldown when setting up a Legend League defense layout after merging defenses
  • Leaders and Co-Leaders can now see the “last seen” timer for members up to a month (was up to a week)

Balance Changes

With great power comes the responsibility of balancing that power! Here are the balance changes for this patch:

  • The Giant Arrow ability now travels a longer distance to make sure it crosses the entire village.
    • We’ll be on the lookout for Reddit videos saying how we’re a quarter of a tile away from crossing the entire Village 
  • Removed frost from Spirit Fox attacks
  • Summoners who have reached the maximum cap for the number of summoned units will summon new units quicker after falling below that cap
  • Super Archer:
    • Level 11 reduced Hit Points to 575
    • Level 12 reduced Hit Points to 600
  • Root Rider:
    • Level 1 reduced Hit Points to 6650
    • Level 2 reduced Hit Points to 7050
    • Level 3 reduced Hit Points to 7400
  • Super Barbarian:
    • Level 10 reduced Hit Points to 1200
    • Level 11 reduced Hit Points to 1300
    • Level 12 reduced Hit Points to 1350
  • Dragon:
    • Level 11 increased Hit Points to 5300
  • Electro Dragon:
    • Level 6 increased Hit Points to 5200
    • Level 7 increased Hit Points to 5500
  • Super Dragon:
    • Level 10 increased Hit Points to 7200
    • Level 11 increased Hit Points to 7600
  • Builder Base Drop Ship:
    • Increased attack range (0 → 50) 
    • Reduced active ability’s damage radius (300 → 225)
  • Builder Base Night Witch:
    • Level 9 increased Hit Points to 750 and Bat Swarm bats to 7
    • Level 10 increased Hit Points to 750 and Bat Swarm bats to 7
    • Level 11 increased Hit Points to 830 and Bat Swarm bats to 7
    • Level 12 increased Hit Points to 830 and Bat Swarm bats to 8
    • Level 13 increased Hit Points to 915 and Bat Swarm bats to 8
    • Level 14 increased Hit Points to 915 and Bat Swarm bats to 8
    • Level 15 increased Hit Points to 1000 and Bat Swarm bats to 8
    • Level 16 increased Hit Points to 1000 and Bat Swarm bats to 9
    • Level 17 increased Hit Points to 1100 and Bat Swarm bats to 9
    • Level 18 increased Hit Points to 1100 and Bat Swarm bats to 10
    • Level 19 increased Hit Points to 1220 and Bat Swarm bats to 10
    • Level 20 increased Hit Points to 1220 and Bat Swarm bats to 11
  • Clan Capital Super Miner
    • Level 1 Hit Points decreased to 3300
    • Level 2 Hit Points decreased to 3500
    • Level 3 Hit Points decreased to 3700
    • Level 4 Hit Points decreased to 3900

Bug Fixes

  • Giant Gauntlet no longer makes Barbarian King invulnerable if it’s used after Eternal Tome
  • Extra Damage of Invisibility Vial is no longer boosted by Rage.
  • Do not show Ricochet Cannon and Multi Archer Tower in the builder menu if they can’t be upgraded
  • Select only non-maxed Army Camps when clicking on the recommended Army Camp upgrade item in the Town Hall upgrade confirm screen
  • Calculate damage of Grand Warden correctly. His damage output from equipment did not match the values shown on the info screen
  • Fix wrong unit levels in Builder Base challenge levels when the Builder Base tutorial is not completed
  • Fix Builder Base stars not accumulating if getting disconnected in the battle end screen
  • Display the defensive Grand Warden’s range correctly when selecting his Altar (the radius of the circle was 0.13 tiles too small)
  • Passive effects from Grand Warden no longer disappear when he is revived by the Phoenix pet
  • Fix an issue that allowed summoning units (Witches, Dark Witches) to bypass their summoning cooldown under certain circumstances
  • Fix crash when trying to deploy Clan Castle troops more than 3 tiles out of play area bounds by not deploying them at all in such case
  • Fix Clan Capital units showing an empty info screen if you opened them via Capital Friendly Challenge from Home Village
  • Fix Home Village units using the old info screen if you opened them via Home Village Friendly Challenge from Builder Base
  • Fix rounding bugs from training time if multiple training time reduction perks were active at the same time
  • Fix Grand Warden sometimes dying through the auto ability even with Eternal Tome
  • Fix Archer Queen shooting two Giant Arrows when the ability is triggered during death at a specific time
  • Fix Royal Champion’s Seeking Shield timing and animation
  • Fix the missing Super Potion button from Super Troop activation screen if it’s opened via the Quick Train tab when the boost has run out
  • Add event completion notification into the Events button and remove it from the News button
  • Fix a visual bug in the Dragon Palace Scenery
  • Fix Builder Base Giant Cannon pushback being too strong

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