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December Balance Changes 2022 – Clash of Clans.

Hey Chiefs!

As we kick off the previews for the upcoming December 2022 update for Clash of Clans, it’s been an ongoing tradition where Supercell share balance changes going into the game before they announce new content. We do have a few balance changes that will go live when the update is released so here are the changes you can expect to see!

Supercell Balance Changes December 2022 have affected the following things :

  • Monolith
  • Spell Tower
  • Poison Lizard
  • Clan Capital Skeleton Barrel
  • Underground Unit Movement


Damage % has been decreased 

  • Level 1: 14% -> 12% 
  • Level 2: 15% -> 13% 

Therefore damage % has been decreased in monolith . From 14% to 12% in case of Level 1 Monolith and from 15% to 13% in case of Level 2 Monolith.

Spell Tower

Poison Tower attack speed reduction has been reduced from -35% to -25%

Poison Lizard

Target search radius has been increased by 0.5 tiles, making it less likely to ignore nearby units and Heroes. 

Clan Capital Skeleton Barrel

HP has been increased

  • Level 1: 500 -> 700 
  • Level 2: 600 -> 800 
  • Level 3: 700 -> 850 
  • Level 4: 800 -> 1050 
  • Level 5: 900 -> 1200 

Underground Unit Movement

Decrease movement of underground units by 30% when walking above ground. Affects defensive Miners in battles and underground units when visiting Villages. 

It’s not quite sneak peek season just yet. Keep an eye on website as we tease out what’s coming!

Until Next Time. Clash On!

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