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New Defenses: Ricochet Cannon & Multi-Archer Tower: TH16 Sneak Peek #2

We’re taught in school that 1+1 = 2. But we’re throwing those rules out, for in Clash of Clans 1+1 = WHATEVER WE WANT IT TO BE!  

And that’s exactly what happens when you take advantage of Town Hall 16’s new signature Defense feature: Merged Buildings!

When you upgrade to Town Hall 16, instead of purchasing new Defenses from the Shop, you’ll be presented with the option to purchase the ability to merge several Defenses. Once you meet the minimum requirements to merge your two Defenses into a single, mega, ultra Defense monstrosity, the game will display which two buildings will be merged.  

The end result is a super Defense that’s greater than the sum of its parts. Higher damage output, more HP, and just overall way more cool!

There are some caveats:

  • Merging buildings is permanent. Once they have been merged, they cannot be unmerged. 
  • The merged building can be placed anywhere in your Village where there is space. 
  • The two merged buildings must be max level.  

Once you’ve merged your two Defenses, your new super Defense can be further upgraded as well!

NEW: Multi-Archer Tower

Slam two Archer Towers together and you get Multi-Archer Tower! 

Multi-Archer Tower will target 3 different attacking enemies, ensuring the Archers spread their damage out. However, if there are less than 3 targets available then Multi-Archer Tower will attack the remaining targets more frequently.  For example:

  • If there is only one target, that target will be shot by 3 arrows.
  • If there are only two targets, one target will be shot twice.  

Let’s just be thankful the process didn’t fuse the actual Archers into some bizarre mutant amalgamation.  

Multi-Archer Tower

  • # available at TH16: 2
  • Range: 10 tiles
  • Damage type: Multiple targets
  • # of targets: 3
  • Targets: Ground & Air
LevelUpgrade CostUpgrade TimeHPDPS
120M Gold14d5000110
222M Gold15d 12h5200120

NEW: Ricochet Cannon

If you thought fusing two buildings together was a physics-defying act, then wait until you see what this Cannon does! Ricochet Cannon is the new merged version of the tried-and-true Cannon defense.

Ricochet Cannon has more than double the HP than a regular Cannon. However, this big-barreled boss shines when dealing damage. Not only does Ricochet Cannon’s munition deal more than double the amount of damage compared to a Level 21 Cannon, Ricochet Cannon’s munitions will bounce from its initial target and will also deal damage to a second target!   

Ricochet Cannon

  • # available at TH16: 2
  • Range: 9 tiles
  • Damage type: Single target
  • Targets: Ground
LevelUpgrade CostUpgrade TimeHPDPS
120M Gold14d5400360
222M Gold15d 12h5700390

We heard there’s something mysterious that’s been darting in and out of the forest, near the border of your Village. Tomorrow, we’ll reveal just who that shy little critter is! 

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