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How to 3 Star Jolly Clashmas Challenge #5 in Clash of Clans?

Are you searching for the best or easiest method to 3 star in Jolly clashmas challenge number 5 in CLASH OF CLANS ? If yes , then this article is for you.

Today here we have provided the best ways / method to 3 star Jolly clashmas challenge number 5 in Clash of Clans.

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I have done this challenge very easily in my account . You can also follow any of the ways to 3 star given below.

Jolly Clashmas Challenge
Jolly clashmas challenge 5

What is Jolly clashmas challenge ?

Jolly clashmas is an event featuring five different challenge levels which will be unlocked over the next couple of weeks and I will show you how to beat every one of these so that you can claim all of the rewards for this first base it features one of the old winter sceneries.

The New Event, Jolly Clashmas, brings a multiple challenge levels so that you can unlock some Clan House Customisable Parts. Clash On!

1) Kenny Jo

2) Judo Sloth Gaming

3) Sumit 007


Hope this Article has helped you to 3 star in Jolly clashmas challenge number 5 in clash of clans.

Until next time Happy Clashing!

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