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Roblox: Crewmates ( Among Us ) Codes

Are you searching for Crewmates ( Among Us ) Codes. If yes , then this article is for you.

Here we have provided the Crewmates ( Among Us ) Codes

What is Crewmates (Among us) ?

In the game, players take on the roles of crew members aboard a spaceship or a space station, with the objective of completing tasks and identifying the impostors among them.

The crewmates’ goal is to work together to complete various tasks scattered around the map while also identifying and eliminating any impostors who are disguised as crewmates. The tasks range from simple mini-games to more complex activities like diverting power or fixing systems. By completing tasks, crewmates contribute to the overall progress of the mission.

However, among the crew members, a few players are randomly assigned the role of “Impostor.” Impostors look identical to crewmates but possess the ability to sabotage the ship, deceive others, and eliminate crewmates. They must eliminate crewmates without being caught and try to create suspicion among the remaining players.

Throughout the game, crewmates can call emergency meetings to discuss suspicions, share information, and vote on who they believe is the impostor. If a player receives a majority vote, they are ejected from the ship. The game continues until either all tasks are completed (resulting in a crewmate victory) or all impostors are identified and eliminated (resulting in a crewmate victory as well).

Working / Active Blox Fruits codes

  • POPITSUS – Enter this code to claim a Skin. 
  • KRAOESPYT – Enter this code to claim a Skin. 
  • SQUIDGAME – Enter this code to claim Squid Game pet and skin. 
  • 100K – Enter this code to claim a suitcase pet and a fancy suit skin. 
  • 999IQ – Enter this code to claim Sherlock Holme’s skin and magnifying glass. 
  • PUMPKINHEAD – Enter this code to claim a Pumpkin hat. 
  • MINICREWMATE – Enter this code to claim a mini crewmate hat. 
  • IMPOSTORPACK – Enter this code to claim impostor skin and knife.

Expired / inactive Blox Fruits codes

No Expired / inactive codes Now.

How to redeem Blox Fruits codes?

  • Open Roblox and launch Crewmates.
  • Find the gift icon on the main screen of the game. ( Shown in the image below )
  • Copy a Crewmates (Among us) codes from our list in the website and enter it on the box. ( Shown in the image below )
  • Cheers! Enjoy your rewards!

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