New Hero and Troop Abilities Explained (Clash of Clans)


Judo Sloth Gaming

The Battle Copter is the New Hero in Builder Base 2.0 Update! Clash of Clans Sneak Peeks begin for the CoC Update and in this video Judo Sloth Gaming provides a guide for every troop ability as well as the Hero Reworks. The Battle Copter is the New Hero at BH8 but the Battle Machine is also redesigned as now there are charge levels. The Multi-Stage Builder Base 2.0 update means you can switch heroes between the two stages and New Buildings including OTTOs Outpost, the Healing Hut and Reinforcement Camp are also explained. Subscribe for all the update sneak peeks!

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Video Chapters:
0:00 Multiple Heroes – Attacking and New Buildings Explained
2:26 Strategy for Every Troop Ability: Raged Barbarian
3:32 Sneaky Archer
4:25 Boxer Giant
5:05 Beta Minion
5:46 Bomber
6:39 Baby Dragon
7:42 Cannon Cart
8:53 Night Witch
9:18 Drop Ship
10:03 Power PEKKA
10:49 Hog Glider
11:22 Battle Machine Hero Rework
12:45 New Hero – Battle Copter

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