NEW Bases for ALL Levels in Builder Base 2.0 (Clash of Clans)


Kenny Jo

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New Bases for ALL Levels after the Builder Base 2.0 Update. Kenny Jo provides 1 new base layout for Builder Hall levels 4 through 10 after planning and testing. As the Builder Base attack meta changes over the upcoming months, keep in mind that you will likely require a NEW Builder Base to advance in trophy ranges.

=Builder Base Links=
► BH4:
► BH5:
► BH6:
► BH7:
► BH8:
► BH9:
► BH10:

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Video Chapters:
0:00 Intro
0:30 Aura
2:05 Builder Hall 4
2:47 Builder Hall 5
3:26 Builder Hall 6
4:13 Builder Hall 7
4:56 Builder Hall 8
5:57 Builder Hall 9
6:39 Builder Hall 10

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