Never Miss the 2 Star! Electro Dragon Attacks in Legend League (Clash of Clans)


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The Electro Dragon TH13 Attack Strategy brings a comfortable and flexible 2 Star Strategy with the opportunity for a 3 Star in Clash of Clans. This makes it perfect for the Clan War Leagues due to its ability to never miss the 2 stars. This is all due to the flexibility that the Electro Dragons offer The important parts are highlighted throughout my Legend Attacks but try and set up the funnel for them to access the Town Hall, take down Air Defence/Single Infernos first and Freeze the Sweepers! Always take note of your Plan B for a centralised TH, whether it be the Blimp, Royal Champ, or changing your E Drag entry mid attack. Let me know what you would like to see next in Legend League. Enjoy!

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