Grand Final – Ni Chang Dance vs H.T Family | Clash Worlds – Qualifier 3


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Clash of Clans World Championship Qualifier 3. The Grand Final between Ni Chang Dance and H.T Family battling for the Golden Ticket. Judo Sloth Gaming commentated the match up alongside fellow caster Woody and Desk Host Banks. This Clash of Clans War was one of the greatest I have ever had the privileged of watching, yet alone casting, so I had to ensure to bring it to you with the permission of the Clash of Clans Team. You can watch all of the Clash of Clans World Championship Livestreams on the CoC YouTube Channel.

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Attack Timestamps:
0:00 Introduction
0:15 Attack 1 for H.T Family
3:19 Attack 1 for Ni Chang Dance
6:46 Attack 2 for H.T Family
9:57 Attack 2 for Ni Chang Dance
13:42 Attack 3 for H.T Family
17:08 Attack 3 for Ni Chang Dance
21:00 Attack 4 for H.T Family
24:23 Attack 4 for Ni Chang Dance
28:05 Final Attack for H.T Family
31:45 Final Attack for Ni Chang Dance

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