Everything in the Update! Purchasing the Best Upgrades (Clash of Clans)


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Clash of Clans Update Tips! The New CoC Update has Arrived and Judo Sloth Gaming provides Tips and Tactics whilst purchasing the New Content. The Champion King Skin is by far my new favourite Hero Skin. The Upgrades are discussed as well as attacking with the Super Minion and signposting to the Super Valkyrie video. The Autumn Update is highly rated from me and I will continue to showcase all of the new content in the coming days. What is your favourite part of the update? Clash On!

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Video Chapters:
0:00 Opening the Update
1:20 Boosting the Super Minion
1:58 Purchasing the Champion King Skin
3:08 Purchasing Special Offers
3:49 Upgrading Army Camps
5:48 Troops to Upgrade in Lab
6:09 Recommended New Super Troop
6:33 300 Troop Capacity is Main Recommendation
6:59 New Halloween Items
7:55 Upgrade Hidden Teslas
8:43 Wall Breaker AI Demonstration
9:27 Champion King Skin Attack
10:53 Super Minion Attack

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