Clash of Clans | The Good, The Bad, The Ugly Crazy War Attacks


Kenny Jo

Hey fellow Clashers! This is just a short little fun video where I basically make fun of myself and I run through 3 war raids from both my TH 9 account and TH 11. I show that a Level 12 Queen can be walked but on a base that is way rushed so its absolutely nothing to brag about. The second raid was a sloppy attempt at a Surgical Hog raid which ends in a rage quit. The 3rd is a TH 10 Anti 2 Star layout and I have a failed attempt at a Queen Walk but the Valkyries and Wallbreakers save the day. Yes I said Wallbreakers save the day? How is that possible, check it out and see! We as you tubers are game players just as much as the rest and are certainly not perfect, thats really what I want to share with you today. Leave some feedback, and I hope you enjoy!

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“Clash Attacks with Jo” Intro: SSS – .-Team II

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