Clash of Clans | How To Funnel Your Valkyries


Kenny Jo

New to using the Valkyries or are you having issues funneling them? Today I discuss how to funnel your ground troops and the reasons why those Valkyries shoot outside the base perimeter on you.

Since the update the Valkyries has become the focal point troop in most Clan War strategies across Town Hall Levels 8 through 11. If you are new to the Valkyries or struggling with funneling them, this video is for you. So before we begin, what is funneling? Funneling, simply put, is to describe something that goes from wide to narrow while moving. In translation, dropping your troops in a specific order and position to channel other troops in a specific order and position to channel other troops to the core of your targeted base for both ground and air attacks. For ground attack purposes, properly placed Golems and Wizards with the correct timing serves as a receipt for the perfect funnel for your valkyries. One question asked is whether you can use valkyries to assist with the funnel? Yes you can certainly use a few Valkyries to assist with the funneling process. The Valkyries AI simply assessed, is that they target groups of structures with no discrimination of defense or resource in which they can go in between to produce their splash damage, however they will go to the nearest group of structures to include the ones strategically placed outside of a base perimeter.
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