4 Laboratory Upgrades in 2 Minutes! How to Max Troops Fast at TH12 in Clash of Clans


Kenny Jo

Laboratory upgrades at any Town Hall level are difficult to maintain. We all want to Max troops as fast as possible in Clash of Clans. The fastest Free 2 Play method I have found so far is the use of Hammers of Fighting or Books. Of course with the Gold Pass magic items and perks, this goes much faster.

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Video Chapters:
0:00 Introduction
0:58 Laboratory (RiP Skeleton Spell)
1:45 Fast Laboratory Upgrading
4:07 Avalanche Work with NO HEROES?
5:51 Example with Heroes
7:10 Gold Dump
7:41 GoWiWI Work with NO HEROES?
11:35 Downside of War Armies

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