Clash of Clans Layouts: Welcome

Clash of Clans Layouts: Welcome
Hi guys! Our site is dedicated to the Clash of Clans layouts, plans, designs, whatever you call it. On the site you will find any plans for your favorite game. It is no secret that from you will put your buildings will depend on your success in farming resources, trophies push and one of the most interesting aspects of the game – a Clan War. Newbies think the main thing in Clash of Clans is an attack, but we are know that without the protection of war can not win! And how to make the maximum defense? First bleed all defenses to the max level for the current level Town Hall. You do this without me. And secondly – correctly and properly arrange all the buildings on the map! That’s what created the site. Protect yourself as much as possible!

Site Structure!

So, for your convenience, all of Clash of Clans layouts divided into levels (the levels of the Town Hall from the 1 to 10) Just inside each level is the division of tasks planning – Defense, Farming and Clan Wars.

Defense – planning is focused on the protection of cups. Town Hall is located in the core of the village and the most protected by walls and defensive structures.

Сlash of Сlans Layouts DefenseFarming – usually Town Hall brought outside walls and in the middle are the repository storages (dark elixir, elixir and gold).

Clan Wars – such plan aimed at something that would rival was as little as possible stars. In them hidden Town Hall and other buildings are located so that would make it difficult to destroy as much as possible even 50% of base.Unlike the defense Clash of Clans layouts in buildings for CW may be brought even storage outside the base.

Each layout has 2 pictures and one video. Total finished plan, template wall for those who like to start build from walls. And lastly, each layout has a video of the construction.

We hope you find this site useful and it will help you crush your enemies, to maximize your villadge, winning Clan Wars and perhaps even earn legendary trophies!

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